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Do not beleive in Miracles

Rely on them....

3 May 1979
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Ugh. I got sick of my last profile... Same bullshit everyone writes. "im so great. I know so much more than you" Get over it!! Life isnt always great -- be straight about it!! So you fucked up your life some how and things arent how you thought they would be -- CHANGE THEM!!

Heres the truth, I can be a bitch. I like things my way. I am loyal, honest and trustworthy. I dont give a rats ass in hell what you think of me. I am no better than anyone, although there are always exceptions to that rule.

I know a lot and nothing all at once. I love and hate myself all in the same day. I am happy yet sad. I am pink and black at the same time. My husband and kids mean the world to me. My two best friends, Ang and Jess, yep they are my girls. Mess with me and you have a triple threat on your ass.

I like music. I like to read. I am a birth junky and a nursing student. I am serious and freespirited. I am a beleiver in natural healing and karma.

I am a hippy. I hate people that think liberal means stupid. Thats ignorance in my mind. I support the democratic party most of the time, liberals all of the time and republicans can kiss my ass. I am a free thinker, an environmental advocate as well as an advocate for breastfeeding, natural childbirth and women that cannot or are too stupid to advocate for themselves.

I am a doula and someday will be a midwife. I love birth.

I am me. take it or leave it. I am done with people second guessing me and my life. Get over yourself.