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Do not beleive in Miracles
Rely on them....
Its been a while since I have blogged here and to be honest Im not sure why it has been so long.  I love blogging here because I can let out all of the frustration that i have with my IRL friends and just say whatever I want since I know none of you are offendable... 

Today is our first day officially TTC #3.  I know.  We are crazy.  But I dont want to sit here and wait till things are perfect and right and then have another baby when I am 35 or 40.  I want to be done having kids soon and the baby fever has been hitting me since I was 8 weeks postpartum with Alex.  I was alaways meant to be a momma and thats all this boils down too.  I cant wait to have another, boy or girl, and complete our family. 

George and I have also decided to stay in our house for a while.  We are here, we cant sell it because the market sucks so we might as well enjoy what we have while we are here right? That being said, we are doing some updates.  We fianlly started renovatingour kitchen so that the table can fit in there and is no longer in the living room.  That makes my LR so much bigger!!  The kids, dog and I arent all squished together anymore and we have room to move!  Its so nice.  And we are renovating our landing space inside that backdoor.  We are painting it barn red, redoing the floor with wood and putting in some balck wrought iron light fixtures...  I cant wait.  We are also  painting the boys room red to go with the new Cars decals I got to go on his wall (he loves that movie!!!  )

Then for the first time in our entire married life, we got a new bed set and dresser.  no more crappy fraternity house bed for us!! Its wonderful having grown up furniture!! 

I am still working at Logans.  In all honesty I will probably quit this summer.  I love the money right now, thats what keeps me there.  What other job can you leave with $200 that night??  But some fall I will be done for sure.  I will either be pregnant, or haivng a baby soon and goign to school so that leaves work in the cold Im afraid.  Oh well... lol.  Screw them anyway. 

My sister is due anyday now.   She has 5 days left and I cannot wait to meet Bradyn!!  She is feeling so yucky though.  I feel bad for her.  Just uncomfy, stretched out and ready to have him!! 

Nothing else really going on.  Just living and loving my life...  I am missing one piece of my life but thats going to change soon beause I amnoit myself with out my rock.  She will be here tomorrow and things will start to change. 

Hope everyone is well. 

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I took the cutest pics of Alex today. My parents took Georgie so Alex and I had a nurse in all day. Anyway, I wanted to share these but cant figure out how to post them.. Anyone??
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Someone who used to be a very dear friend of mine, lost her son today... He was taking by CPS this summer and now he away! While in foster care!


Here is the link. Please pass along to anyone that could help... I am heartbroken for her.

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Oh yeah -- By the way...

I had a major accomplishment this weekend. We went to Cleveland to visit the in laws on Satruday and stopped at a McDOnalds on the way. Well Alex woke up and was soooooo hungry... Instead of goingto my car to nurse him (like I had always done), I found the courage to do it in the restaurant...


Its a big deal to me! i was proud of myself and was actually hoping someone woudl challenge me! LOL.
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Ugh. Im so tired. Exhausted is really the word for it, not tired. Its been 4 weeks today. My incision is finally not hurting, I can eat again, I can shower and life is pretty much back to normal except that I cant sleep. Alex is having a REALLY hard time with sleeping. We cosleep at night (he falls asleep nursing at 830 and gets placed in his bassinett until I get into bed though) and he nurses when he is hungry.. .But He cannot put himself back to sleep after nursing. The first feeding is ok, but the 4 am feeding is horrible. This morning he was up fussing from 430 until 600. That is so hard for me. Then he wants to nurse again at 630! Does this kid ever sleep???

Any suggestions from anyone? I dont want to let him cry it out but last night I got so frustrated I had to walk away for a minute. Of course guilt overcame me and I went right back but dam its hard to keep centered at 4 am.

Oh and he wont stay latch on either. He does good for thirty minutes then just fusses and fusses until I rock him to sleep...

I guess I need to keep in mind that his too shall pass. The first 6 weeks are always the hardest and we are at 4 weeks so it will get better soon...

My little man just announced that he has to pee!! Gotta Run!
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She forwarded me this link. Its helping me to process my section. I hope that somehow it can help someone else..

Thanks Nedia782.. I love ya.

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There are some things that are making my life easier since I am nursing baby hungry beast...

Thank God for goldfish crackers. Seriously, all convenience food. Between needing to brush my teeth, feed the toddler and pee in the morning, convenience food makes it easy to eat while I am nursing.

Thank God for Noggin. With the exception of Maisy, which is the most annoying cartoon every known to moms (what the hell is with the alligator anyway?! Is he special???) It keeps Georgie entertained long enough for me to nurse Alex to his contentment...

Thank God for the internet. Every day I want to quit nursing. Every single day and then I go on the internet and read someones success story and I am reinspired. This includes Thank God for all of you who are my friends and supporting me!

Thank God for my couch. Since I am sitting here damn near all day, I am thankful that its comfy enough for me to sleep on without trying to get comfy. (isnt it funny hwo easy it is to sleep when someone is attached to you?! )

*sigh* my break is over... Be back later! :)
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Today was my first day alone with both kids... How overwhelming. Yikes. I have been spending the evening nursing and looking online for amommy group that I could fit into. I need some support. I feel like I am drowning without any one that I really relate to. The nursing thing is going well but I have A LOT of people that are encouraging me to formuala feed. I almost broke down twice and did it but I didnt. I need to find some encouragement....
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You Are Rain

You can be warm and sexy. Or cold and unwelcoming.
Either way, you slowly bring out the beauty around you.

You are best known for: your touch

Your dominant state: changing
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Anyone have one of these??? Or have any sling in general?? If so, can you tell me what kind and what you think of it.  Where you got it would help too!!!  I think that I may invest in one and need some recommendations. 



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